Congregational Council


Ministry Leadership

The SLC Congregational Council consists of an elected and appointed Administrative Council, and an appointed Elder Board.  The Administrative Council works to manage the day-to-day functioning of the church, maintain the calendar, maintain and manage the church facilities, and work with our various ministries to provide a welcoming, safe "starting point" for our work in Christ.  The Elder Board works to foster, cultivate, and protect the spiritual growth of our congregation and visitors.

Pastor: In the process of calling a pastor.  Only God knows who that pastor will be.

Elder Board:
Alan Gallegos
Sallie Karp
Reggie McLean

Administrative Board:

President - Lynda Qualls
Vice President - Position Open
Secretary - Sue Gallegos
Treasurer - Joyce Velasquez
Bookkeeper - Sue Gallegos
Administrator - Position Open
Trustee - Alan Gallegos


As people of faith, we wait in hope at the promise that Jesus will be among us.  May these gifts be used to bring hope to many, who are in need of knowing you.  In Jesus name.  This note was recently left on the back of an envelope that included some money for the church.

Advent Week

Advent season started on December 1 and continues through the Christmas season.  Come join us on Sunday to find out what Advent means.

Did you hear the big news?

Jesus Christ died for our sins.  All we have to do is except Jesus Christ as your savior and you will have eternal life.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Does the church have a nursery for young children during worship services.

Answer: Yes, the nursery is off the narthex and our church has someone attending to young children, so parents can enjoy worhip services.